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I found this on my garden, eating the leaves of my tomato plant. I was wondering why the top got no leaves and there are black and green droppings on the ground. I thought it was from birds and when I looked closely on my tomatoes.. I saw this beast enjoying munching the leaves. He sure is hard to spot because of the color, it blend so well with the plant, in fact it was just right in front of me, I was staring at it the whole time and spotted it when it moved! Good thing I spotted it right away, and get rid of it before it destroys my tomatoes.
This sucker is a one big caterpillar, its as big as my middle finger. Ive read that it can eat one plant overnight! Geez.. are they really that hungry? i guess.. lol. Anyhow, I searched and searched around my tomato plants to see if I could find some more, and guess what? Theres two of ’em! Now they are in the jar being fed by my son. He said its his pets. lol. Isnt that cute? =)