Fall season is one of my favorite season of the year second to Spring. It never stop to amaze me on how the color of the leaves change, the falling of leaves, the chilly feeling as the temperature drops down slowly, and the time change. I am so loving all these changes specially when the sun start to set cause its like the world is on fire, the color is so vibrant, you would be awed with such admiration.
Also, there are flowers that blooms in Fall and one of my favorite are the Mums. There are lots of different kinds of Mums, yellow, orange, white, purple and more! They are so pretty and they change colors too after bloom. Our Vine roses are blooming too and this wild plant that I thought is so ugly bloomed such a pretty flower. Also funguses are appearing everywhere on our yard. There’s this fungus that is so humongous, I never seen such a huge mushroom before. It appears after that rain a couple of days ago and its size doubles if it rains. Ive read that it is edible.. but I wont dare to eat it and we are not that fan of mushrooms anyway. lol
ANyhow, here are some photos that I took this morning while I was strolling with my kids along our yard. The little ones had fun exploring, while I had fun capturing the beauty of nature in my digital camera. =)