This week is gonna be a pretty dismal week for us, theres gonna be lots of rains and a high temperature of 60F, its gonna be pretty chilly tonight. I was hoping for a pretty nice sunny day where we could all go to the park, have a picnic and play. Me and kids had been stuck in the house for a pretty long time and the site is getting depressing. Looking out at the window to our neighbors is pretty boring, wishing they would all disappear, or get on with their life and stop putting their noses in somebody’s business. I sure gonna miss this place, so much memories here even though its just been 2years since we moved here. Thanks to our lurkers who cant keep their noses in their own asses, we are going to lose this pretty almost perfect place. They sure got nothing to do with their lives. They should just dig a whole on the ground and bury themselves, that way they could able to help this world, making it less populated. hehehe. joke. Free Smileys
Anyhow, hope the weather would change tomorrow so that we could walk around outside, and play.