T.G.I.F.! its very nice outside, the weather is perfect, sun is up, and not so chilly. I was thinking it would be nice to go for a walk or a jog around our neighborhood with Clayton, while JJ is still in school. But I’ve noticed that the living room was very quite, I took a peak and found the little guy with his shoes on, fast asleep on the floor. I carried him to the couch and watched him for a couple of minutes as he sleeps. I cant help to shed a tear and hold him so tight. He is soft and smells so nice. All of a sudden I became so emotional, memories from the past rushed in, all the sacrifices that I made last winter, the accidents, and all the misunderstandings, fights, arguments, words that are not supposed to be spoken just all came in like a huge wave. I found myself staring at space, I shake myself and wonder where all that sudden rush come from. I also made me wonder why all these things happened? If its for a reason.. then what is that reason? I dont think Im a bad person, am I? It seems like I dont deserved to be happy cause if things are getting better, something bad happens, something always comes up that would try to crushed us down. This made me feel so unlucky and stuck, stuck on the chair that im sitting at. lol. I wish things were a little different. I wish that bad things doesnt come all at ones. I wish that hubby doesnt need to work so hard. I wish that I got a job so I can help hubby and so that people wont say anything about me of having so much stuff already which is False. I wish that all my worries would disappear. I wish that we got a nice living room with complete furnitures (lol). I wish I dont have to clean and wash dishes all the time. I wish that Jubal doesnt shed so much hair coz its such a pain. I wish that all the bugs in the house would disappear. lol. they’re biting the heck out of me!

Well! I hope somebody hears all my wishes and grant them. lol. ha! i feel much better now. It must be my hormones doing some somersaults coz Im almost in my monthly period. Good thing I got this blog to shout out it all. =) as I said earlier. TGIF!