Its been a long long time, since I wrote something here. Life is pretty tough lately specially with my 2year old son Clayton, who is so terrible and handful! He keep me busy all the time, cleaning his mess, and following him anywhere where he wants me. Right now, as I am typing these words, he is grabbing my arm, wanting me to go with him in the living room and sit beside him while he play. I could never have a time alone except if he is snoozing in the afternoon which seldom happens.

This past few days, he was not feeling well. He had colds, runny nose, a little bit of cough and an on and off High fever. I was so stressed out and tired from all those sleepless nights when he had that high fever at night. I was trying to bring down his fever by wiping a damp cloth all over his body and checking his temperature from time to time.

The first night when he had the fever, his temperature went up to 102.6F, which Im not so worried about because after I gave him a Fever Reducer, it went down to 100 and he fell asleep soundly. Then in the morning he was feeling okay and lively again. But then on that night, his temperature went up again and this time it was 103.8, that got me so worried. He was so hot, uneasy and was breathing heavily. I was ready to take him to the ER, but then his temperature went down to 101 after I gave him medicine and after I wiped his body with a damp cloth. Then I decided to call our family Physician the next day, hoping they have an available time for my little guy. Sad to say when I call them, their office were closed. They are close on Thursday. Of all days.. it was Thursday. Bummer. so I called the Pediatrician in Carroll Children Center. They gave us an appointment right away. They checked his temperature and to my surprised it was 96 something. They also test him for rapid strep because his throat was full of sores. The result of their test was Negative, so they asked for additional test, blood works and xray for pneumonia which is negative. The bloodworks, I dont know the result yet. Maybe this Monday I will find out. Since their result of the rapid test was Negative, they didnt prescribed us with antibiotics. The doctor said that I will just continue giving him Fever Reducer and wait for the result of the blood works. It was a very tiring day specially for my little one. We were so exhausted after all the errands because we need to go to other places for the blood work and Xray. When we got home, CLaytons temperature went up again. And during the middle of the night, his temperature went up to 104.3! This got me so worried. I was wondering how can he be this hot, when I touched him he was not that hot. Anyhow, we rushed him to the ER, and when we got there, he was running around playing in the kids corner. Wow! I was like.. didnt he just had a temperature of 104? Now Im really concerned, something is really the matter with my little guy. He must have an infection somewhere. Good thing the ER was not that crowded but it took us a long time for the doctor to see us. They did a Rapid Strep test and the result came out POSITIVE. He has Strep Throat. I wonder how that happen? ANd how could the pediatrician missed it? Glad that we run him in the ER that night,or it might get worst. This time they gave us an antibiotics for him to take and an Ibuprofen to help ease his throat. whew! Hubby, JJ and I were so tired. We got home around 4am already. My little guy finally fell asleep heavenly. And JJ my eldest missed school yesterday due to lacked of sleep.

Yesterday morning, my little guy was not eating much, I thought its probably his throat is hurting, making it hard to swallow anything. I gave him antibiotics, after he had a few takes of breakfast. He didnt liked the taste, so I have to fight him to get it in. I so hate to see him crying, but he really need to take his medicine. It sure is tough because he is very strong and he fight me! lol.

Anyhow, after I gave him antibiotics, he is starting to feel better. He got no fever anymore, and he looks much better now than the other day. Thank God! I feel so relieved and happy that my little guy is back to normal again. He is eating and drinking his milk again. Finally I can relax and fall asleep soundly tonight. It sure is tough being a mommy ha?