Time fly so fast, I didnt even realize that its October already, until I felt the cold breeze yesterday when my kids and I went to the Mall to have a little bit of fun and fall shopping. The temperature dropped down so drastically, that it gave me a slight headache. I went back to the house to put extra clothes on and get jackets for the kids to keep them warm and toasty. It was indeed very chilly. I hope it will warm up a little bit so we can do apple picking and pumpkin picking later in a couple of days from now. Its hard to do all these stuff if its so chilly and and the same time windy. It would be hard for the kids.

Anyhow, even though the kids have their own pumpkins already, picked from their very own pumpkin patch, I still wanna go pumpkin picking, so we will have more pumpkins to carve for the coming Halloween, and so we will have a little bit of fun before.

Well..Here they are with their cute pumpkins. I hope these pumpkins will last until the end of October. Its starting to harden, since we keep them inside the house. If we put it outside it will soften and get mushy. As you can see the photo below, thats a picture of happy faces, very proud with their harvest.