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Time fly so fast, in just few days from now is gonna be Halloween. I was trying to put a little bit of ornaments and decors in the house for the holiday yesterday. I found a wreath, a Bat decor and a plastic Jack O Lantern in the cabinet. I hang the wreath and the bat on the wall, and I thought the Jack o Lantern would be a cool centerpiece with a lighted candle inside. Now our house is ghoulish looking. lol. My son is kind of scared with the lighted Jack o Lantern, he cover his face with his hands and would not dare to look at it. hehe. He look so funny. Anyhow, it would be nice to have centerpieces like the one at ProFlowers.com. I cant help myself to admire the presentation of their centerpiece because its all beautiful. I like the Autumn Lights – 20” Centerpiece, this would be perfect for this season and perfect for the coming Thanksgiving Dinner.