This blog is a personal family blog that I created on March 2010.
The content of this blog is all about our life here in the East Coast, our experiences as an average Phil-American family, our travels, and our adventure in Parenting. I am happy to share all these things to everybody, specially to my family who are living in the Philippines, so they may know what its really like to live here in the countryside of the East Coast, and that this country is not really milk and honey that we all thought. Everybody works hard in order to survive and to provide for our kids and family.

Because of that, this blog is now accepting any forms of compensations, such as advertising, sponsorship, and paid reviews, which are all written by me, based on my honest opinions, researched and experiences.

THank You and have a great Day!

Furthermore, if you have any questions, just email emzkiebabez@justbetweenuandus.com.