I woke up pretty early today, earlier than my usual time. I got up and did a few stretches before I will start my day right. Its quite a chilly morning, the house is so quite, very peaceful when everybody is still asleep. I have the chance to do my stuff, get on the internet, and check on some latest updates of this and that. It was quite wonderful. 🙂

Anyhow, even though I got up early, my 1st grader almost missed his school van. It was my fault because I enjoyed so much of being a time of myself that I forgot that its time to wake him up. lol. Good thing I dont have to cooked his lunch to pack ,because I already cooked last night. All I will do is to warm it up and its ready. I am also glad that his van drives down here in our driveway, if my son is not up front by the gate. I thank the driver for that. She is such a sweet lady. 🙂

By the way.. hubby asked me last night if I could wake him up around 8-9am. Well, its already 8am, I better get his ass up before he gets grouchy. hehe