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Its another wet, cold, foggy morning here in the East Coast. Looking outside is making me feel depressed because I cant take my kids outside to play. Its been like this since yesterday all day, I hope it will shine up in a few days, let our ground dry so we can enjoy autumn and its vibrant colors. Im also hoping that the weather forecast for next week is not true. 🙁  Mr Accu weather said that its gonna be showers for whole week next week. Bummer! I was planning to take my kids to Skyline Drive in Virginia. It will be no fun to go there now, cause its gonna be wet, soggy and muddy. =( Why does it have to be like this when we got plans already!! The weather is such a party pooper. lol. Anyhow.. Im crossing my fingers that the rain will go away and just come back on winter season. 🙂