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I was searching for a Halloween costume online, but instead I stumbled upon this website that sells inexpensive lingeries. They have Halloween costumes too, but their items are just way too sexy for me to go trick or treating in the neighborhood with the kids in a chilly night of Halloween. I like the Officer Ivana Pat Down Costume, which only cost $49.89, hubby could wear his State Prison costume and I will handcuffs him with me, lol, that sound so fun huh? But as I said, their costumes are not appropriate to go trick or treating with my kids. Maybe if Im attending an adult party, this would surely be my costume, by the way, they got some really pretty collection of lingeries that any woman would love to wear. Maybe someday I will get something cute. 🙂

Anyhow, I better look for Halloween costume that is simple, comfortable, and cozy enough for outdoor.