Aint that bizarre? We just experienced winter storm here in the east coast in the middle of fall season. We were supposed to carve our pumpkins today, instead, we build our first snowman of the year. Wow, it seems to early for snow huh? Nobody expected it, we were not even prepared for such weather. But anyhow, we had our fun earlier. We did build our snowman. The snow was kind of wet so it was not hard to build one. I know some people took the chance to ride their ATV. Ive heard our neighbors again riding along in their yard. The noise that it makes was so loud, that I can hear it from the house. Some people would go crazy about this things, that they would enhance it and buy some ATV Parts to make it go faster, cause they go racing with this vehicle too. I never tried to ride one of this, if people thinks its fun, then it must be. :). Anyhow, its too cold to go outside, I would rather sit on my couch and drink a hot choco.