I watch my little one fell asleep on the couch in the living room. He look so peaceful and so quite. I took the chance to cut his nails, comb his hair and clean his face. He didnt even make a slightest move while Im cleaning him up. He is sound asleep. He must be so tired from all that jumping and running around the house, and I thought he would never get tired. lol.

He is such a sweet bundle. I just cant help myself to feel emotional all of a sudden. He is so big now, soon enough he will be wiggling out of my grasp and want to do something on his own, without mommys help. It makes me sad thinking of it, but he will always be a baby to me, no matter what.

Anyhow, he sure has some pretty lashes, dont they? I wish my lashes are as pretty as those. I might need some best eyelash growth product  in order to have that full eyelashes again, that I used to have when I was little. Oh well, I should be happy and grateful of what I have, but if given the chance, I would definitely try some products. 🙂