I was wondering what happened to Mother Nature last weekend. She gave us lots of snow, that were not quite the time yet to have it. Last Saturday, it poured so heavily everywhere here in our neighborhood, that cause the trees to break, and cut our power for several ours. Not just our power, but our internet cable as well. I thought I will gonna die without internet for a very very long time! 2 days to be exact. ha! It feels like 48years. lol. Good thing some of my tasked, that was supposed to expire last Saturday were still in my Dashboard. 🙂

Anyhow, we had a little bit of fun in the snow, the kids were quite excited to see the white stuff that drops from the sky. The little guy below doesnt even want to go back inside the house even though it was freaking cold! lol


snow is falling around us


Clayton rolling his boulder

Once outside, they build their snowman right away. We were supposed to carved our pumpkins that day, but we decided to build a snowman instead.  Photos below shows the kids rolling the snow. The snow was kind of wet so it was perfect to build a snowman.

But they were not able to finished it cause I dragged them inside after a few minutes. I was starting to froze up, how much more the kids?! lol. I think they were just trying to ignore the coldness just to build their snowman. lol. silly babies.


CLayton checking out his unfinished snowman.

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