My eldest son Jian showing his 2 extracted toofuses.

He was so happy that finally it fell off by the help of the dentist. Yep! We went to the dentist last week, because I was so worried about his teeth doubling, that his permanent teeth might grow crooked . The dentist said that its pretty common for kids, usually they would rather wait for it to fall off rather than being extracted, but they can pull it off if I want too.  I asked Jian if he wants the dentist to pull his baby teeth for him, and he said ok and he is ready. He was so brave to undergo the procedure, that it didn’t hurt him at all, when the dentist put anesthesia in his gums. He was so behave all the way, that he deserves a big present from the tooth Fairy. He sure did got a big present from the tooth fairy though. By the way… that is a smile right there. lol.