Okay, so I missed yesterdays Blog Photo Challenge. Its because I was so tired, and my back feel so sore from plowing our back porch, and our walkway last Saturday. I have to do it, because hubby was so busy trying to load his stuff for the next day business trip. I dont want to wait for him to do it, cause I know he got no time. Since I was not doing anything, why not plow, right? I am not disable and soreness will just go away anyhow.

As for my entry for #22/366 Photo Blog Challenge is the photo of my little rascal with his Creativity Desk.


This was a present from his Godfather, we got it after New Year, because I got no time to pick it up before Christmas due to the Holiday busyness.

Anyway, my little guy was so excited to used it. After I set it up, he used it right away and knows what to do. He grab a paper and a crayon, turn the switch ON, and began scribbling.Β  As you can see in the photo below, it got a projector and 5 orange disc, that contains images such as Alphabets, Numbers, and Animal pictures. You can rotate this disc to change the picture. It also makes a sound, if you press the Alphabets in the middle that is next to the disc. So cool huh? My only disappointment of this toy is the little chair. Its too low from the desk. My son is a little bit uncomfortable sitting on it. But its not a problem, because he was able to fix this problem, by using another chair. πŸ˜€Β  He is a smart boy I tell ya. He is so eager to learn, and just love this Creativity Desk.