When I was little, I used to play different kinds of musical instruments, like the Piano and ukelele. My fave was my ukelele. My dad bought me the cutest ukelele in town. He had it customized and engraved my name on it. It was very precious. I so love it, but I lost it when a big flash flood hit our little town in Philippines, after that I never played anymore. Thinking about it makes me missed it so much. I so wish I continued playing and learning some other instruments like the guitar. I envy my sister, because she knows how to play the guitar. I did try to learn it, but I had no time to play with it.

To learn to play the guitar is quite easy. First you need to find the guitar that is right for you, that is perfect for you. Making music with your instrument, is like making love to your instrument, so you should feel it, touch it, and listen to it. To be more comfortable with your instrument, you need to have the right gadget such as a guitar straps, which is a big neccesity to any musicians, specially if you are performing. This would help you feel relax and easy to play your guitar. I sure wish to own a real guitar one day, and learn how to play it. I like to teach my kids to play music and love music.