For me, its not a good idea to ride your motorcycle in this time of the year. With the temperature dropping down below freezing point, you might froze to death in just a few minutes specially with the wind blowing on your direction. But, I still see some people on the road riding their motorcycle, and I’ve observe that they are fully equip from head to toe. If you are gonna ride your motorcycle in this Winter Season, you need to be overall protected from frostbites, cause frostbites hurt, really!
Anyhow, compacc.com have all the gear that will help you protect from the weather. They have Olympia Motorcycle Jackets, and a wide range of gloves for every season. All you need to worry about is how to cover your face from the wind so it will not crack due to the cold weather. I guess, its okay to ride a motorcycle in this season, as long as you wear your helmet cause its gonna be slippery.