Hubby was out since the other day for business trip, so I got the chance to do some cam whoring with my toy this morning. I just want to share how happy I am with the result of my not-so-daily workout. I had been trying to lose that 10 pounds that I gained after I gave birth to my youngest and that was like 2years ago! It took me 2 years to get back to myself again. lol! I still have that bump thou, but I can hide it easy with dark colored clothing and a lot of prints.  Actually my goal is to gain muscles, and so far, I see some results. If you notice my arms and legs tone down a little bit and hubby said that my back got muscles already. I did a few weigh lifting, sit ups, running on my exercise machine, hula hooping to trim that waist, and shaking some booty almost every morning before taking some carbs. Its not easy though. It took me 2 years because Im very lazy. I was not happy that I gained 10 pounds. It made me depressed and unproductive. Now that I am back.. I can keep up with my babies, and maybe more babies? LoL! just kidding! (knock on woods. hehehe) .  🙂


camera is Canon T3 for beginners with lens 50mm 1.4F-my new baby, perfect for portraits.

By the way.. I link this post to Blog Photo Challenge 11/366