After months of contemplating, hubby finally bought a tablet for his business. Last year, he bought an iPad, but was not so happy about it, so he returned it to where he bought it. It was because the used of it was limited. It was only good for browsing online. But not for storing files, photos and videos, that are associated with flash. He really need something that supports flash, and so he decided to go for android. After reading and researching about it, he finally found the thing that really does everything, and he is so happy about it. He asked me if I’m interested to get one for myself, and I told him.. nah.. this laptop here in the house is enough for me as of now. Maybe in the future, when I have a job, I might get the  rim tablet from Blackberry. This gadget is really cool and I read some good reviews about it. Oh well, as of now, I dont need a tablet, but If  I’m gonna get one, definitely the Blackberry Tablet.