Time fly so fast, that in a few days from now, its gonna be the second month of the Year. Then soon, its gonna be Spring time. Oh I cant wait! I am so excited about Spring time, because after that is Summer time. lol! The truth is, I want to go to the beach, to feel the sun, and the sand on my feet. And also lounge by the pool area and have a nice tan. Wow, I sure cant wait!

I wish we have a pool, so that I don’t have to spend money in going to places, that has a pool, that is open for public. Hubby is kind of hesitant to have a pool, because its too much for him. To have a pool in your yard, you need to have a fence around it, and to maintain the pool is not easy. I envy my friend who lives in AZ, because they have a pool. It has a fence around it that they got at pool fence az. Its important to put a fence around your pool, to protect your little ones from crawling to the pool. I know some States have this as a law, that before you put up a pool, it need to have a fence. If it dont have a fence, then you will be fine a big sum of money.