Hubby went to Alabama last week. He was away for 4 nights and 4 days. And when he came home, he was carrying this truck. A present for his eldest, he said. Jian was very happy with his new toy, and played with it right away.

And guess what happens next?

The little monster saw the truck, and branded it MINE! No! Its mine!… Yeah right. lol!

Here he is.. on top of our dining table, playing the truck. I dont know why he likes it so much to sit on the table. I told him many times, not to climb on the table. And put him down many times already.. he still climb up, and pretend that I didn’t say anything, and that Im not there. hmp! very naughty huh? this little monster is sure pretty lucky to have a big brother who let him get away with his naughtiness. 🙂


 Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge #44