Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge , Rednesday, Ruby Tuesday

Photobucket12 dozens of long stem red roses from
and 6 chocolate coated strawberries from Sharis Berries.

Aint he so sweet?
Yes! he is a sweet guy, not only after a big fight, but also in special occasions like this. Hubby always have something for me in V day. I thought he will not get me anything this year, because of our big fight before Vday. He usually ignore me for a couple of days after the argument. But yesterday, he was the one who talked to me first, and apologized for everything he said. I am so glad that he said sorry. Somehow it made me feel better. He was sincere when he said it. I know it was not easy for him to do so, cause his a man of ego. lol. I guess he has change a little bit, and Im glad that he shows me importance and concern.

Anyhow.. here are my chocolate coated strawberries! Trust me! they are super Tasty!! yum!!Photobucket

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