Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge | Wednesday WhitesPhotobucketThis little guy had been bugging me to go to the Library for a long time. At his young age, he knows about it, and knows whats inside the Library. He always tells me ‘I wanna go to the Library, and get books Mom Mom’, so I took him today, and joined the toddler time, where toddlers listen to stories, sing some songs, activities, and a bit of crafts. I was not able to take a photo in the Toddler time, because I was having fun participating with my little rascal. It was his first time to join, so he was very shy, and hold on to mommy most of the time. But he was able to participate a bit, and listened to the story of Dr. Seuss. He starting to loosen up when the Toddler time was almost over. He laughed, and approached the lady to get some toys to play. I can tell he had fun even just by looking at the other kids of his same age, his eyes lit up and was very curious.

The Toddler Time here in our area is every Tuesday and Thursday. I made a plan to take him there every week, so he can socialize with other kids and see other people too. I was glad that I took him there today. He learned a lot of things, and now he love the Library even more.