PhotobucketThis was when we were waiting for my son’s school van. The little guy wants to go with his big brother to school. He pack his school bag with Alphabets, a few pencils, and his fave coloring book. He was excited cause he really wants to go to school with his big brother. It was a freezing morning of 19F, so I got them geared up from head to toe to keep them warm and toasty. As you can see on the photo above, the little guy was not in the mood, he keeps on saying..’where the van go?’. lol. I thought he was so funny, carrying his milk bottle, and a huge book bag on his back. 😀

When the van arrived. He put his milk bottle in his pocket, which took him a long time, and when he was ready, the van was pulling off our driveway already. Frowning because the van left him behind, with all that waiting and preparation.. he was disappointed and ready to burst into tears. Poor baby boy.. just wait when your 6years old, then you can go to school with your big brother. 🙂

Aint this photo so precious? Im sharing it to Blog Photo Challenge #39Photobucket