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We had the nicest Winter season this year. Our temperature stayed in the 40-50 all thru out, and we were able to enjoy some outdoor activities. like the little guy below, who was having fun playing in the deserted playground by the Library where we went to a couple of days ago for the Toddler Time.

Blog Photo Challenge #61


up down! up down! non stop!

After the Toddler time, I let him play in their playground for half an hour. There was nobody there, I was not sure why. It was a nice day to play in their playground. I was wondering where are all the kids who attended the Toddler Time? Which is good actually, cause I dont have to worry about the little one getting push by other kids. As you can see the photos below, he was having fun, even though he was all by himself. I thought he will not get tired, but later on, he quit after I told him that I have some candies in the van. 😀 He follows me around like a puppy every time he hears candy. hehehe..lol. Anyhow, it was a great day for this little boy. He asked me to go to the Library again, see the other kids, and play in the playground.


He loves the slide!


This motorcycle is really cool! its made of wood.