Okay, so I was very busy for the past few days, that I forgot to join the Blog Photo Challenge yesterday, and was not able to blog hop for a couple of days. Well, blame it to my little ones here, who occupy so much of my time, which I have no regret about, cause blogging can wait, and my little boys cant! lol.

The truth is…My Kuya Jian was sick since last week until Wednesday. He missed school for 3 days, due to the froggy that is in his throat that wont go away until it was treated with anti froggy. I took him to the Urgent Care clinic here in our area just this Tuesday, and after taking some of the Anti Froggy, you can see the improvements right away, he was getting better. I let him rest on Wednesday, so he went back to school yesterday. And Oh Boy! When he came home from school, his book bag was heavy, and his folder was overflowing with Homework! lol.

Before we do all his homework, I let him rest for 30minutes. And when we were halfway thru, he started complaining that he is already tired and wants to go to bed. Poor little boy, but he have to finish everything or else his teacher might not let him have a recess the next day. So he finished it all up, and was so exhausted afterward. When he lay in bed, he was asleep right away and snooring! lol.