Since he travel so much, I bought him a new pillow as a Birthday present. This way, he dont have to take his own pillow, every time he goes, and sometimes forget to bring it. Now that he has this pillow, he can just leave it in his truck. and he is ready to go.

Its a gray throw pillow, which fits perfectly in his truck. He doesnt stay in a hotel every time he travels, to save money, he just sleep at the backseat.

What is extra special about this pillow is.. I made the pillow case. Its from an old pillow case, which I cut the end in order for the throw pillow to fit in it. Then I sew the sides with brown thread(i dont have white thread). About the picture, that is hubby’s company logo which I made a long time ago. It means… Im his sunshine. hehehe :-P. I print it in a special paper called transfer paper, then ironed it on the pillow case. Im sweet right? hahaha. I sure made his day extra special, even though he is busy working in the barn all day. =)

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