I thank God for all the blessings that He gave to this man, and for all the good things and the bad things that came to his Life. It made him who he is now, a better person. And also for this beautiful kids beside him who are waiting to munch his cake. =D He said he almost have everything he wants in life, just 2 more, our Dream house and his Freight Liner. =)


dont mind stevens look, he is dress like that because he is working in the barn with his junks.

The little guys here are singing a Happy Bday song to Plop plop. I got him a small Sponge Bob(his fave character 2nd to patrick) Cake from Walmart, to moderate their sweets consumption. hi hi hi. 😀

And below is our bday card for the bday boy. 🙂


Blog Photo Challenge # 86