Its been 5 years since I first set foot here in US, and still I haven’t visited the most popular place here,  and that is the Disney World in Orlando Florida. I had been dreaming about this place since I was a child, and now that its just a few miles away from Pennsylvania, I am hoping that my dream of going to this magical place will come true soon. I feel like a child thinking about it. I sure cant wait when that time comes. I also want to visit my cousin who lives there, that I haven’t seen for a long time. She used to live in New York. They relocated in Florida due to the tropical weather there. Its really nice in Florida, the weather there is just perfect. How I wish we live there. I would never get tired of going to Disney World everyday and to other places in Orlando. Its not that hard to find a place to stay in Orlando. You can searched one at Orlandoescape.com for Hotels and Resorts. This website offers the best packages that you can find online. Because of this website, visiting Orlando wont be that so expensive anymore.

Below I will share to you a video of the Disney World that I want to see one day. I grabbed it from YouTube. Enjoy!