This is the scene that I’m dealing with everyday. Everyday! No wonder I am dead tired after dinner. This little guy here just love to mess everything in the living room. He likes to look at the Math Flashcards, Alphabets Flashcards, Crayons, Chalks.. after he looks at them, he throws them up in the air. Sometimes he hurt himself when he throws his cars up in the air and hit on his head. Silly little one.. he still keeps on doing it after saying ouchy. lol!

I really dont care much if it gets this messy, as long as its not dirty. I pick up all his toys in the morning when he is still in bed, then vacuum the living room, so when he wakes up, it will be ready for him. hehehe.. thats the life of a mommy with a toddler. =)

Blog Photo Challenge #109