My eldest was asking for a Sandbox since last week, so hubby bought him this Turtle Sandbox last Friday from Walmart for 50 bucks . I was not so thrilled about it because I know what it will cost me and that is extra job to clean up! ughh! What can I do? They are having so much fun and I cant take that away from them right? Seeing them laughing and giggling about what they made somehow gave me some energy to clean their mess afterwards. The little one would get super messy, cause he likes to throw sands to his Kuya, and sometimes throw it up on the air and landed on his head. I have to bath him every time after he plays in the sandbox. Not to mention the sands that they bring inside the house. No matter how careful I am for not getting sands on the floor by carrying the little one.. it will still get sands. Even though I already brush the sands off from his footsies and body, still some sands get in the house. Poor Me..but I sure love the face of that turtle, dont you? Looking at him makes me smile back too. 🙂

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