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I was listening to some cool upbeat music in my computer this morning, to wake me up and to make me feel more active to what I am doing. My housemates were still sleeping, so I cant turn the volume high as I wish because I dont want to wake them up and ruined my routine. Music sure makes me feel relax and happy, and it also gives me good workout in the morning. Listening to the music makes me wish that I have a talent in singing or even just playing a musical instrument. I know its not hard to learn to play one, but with my busy schedule right now, it’s impossible to give myself some lessons. I know a lot of websites offers online classes in music, but I dont think I got a time. Also, I dont have that financial resources for any musical instruments. I know one website that have great deals in any music stuff and that is the musiciansfriend.com. They have all sorts of stuffs evenĀ  Antares Software , that are used for vocal effects. I like to have a keyboard one day, teach myself, and then teach the kids to play it. And since I know how to read some of the notes, I dont think it would be difficult to learn it.