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We were supposed to have a family trip yesterday, but due to hubby’s busy schedule, we were not able to push thru with our plans. But that didnt stop me from taking the kids out yesterday. It was such a perfect day,I was gonna take the kids to the Land of Little Horses that is at Gettysburg but they were not open yet for the season, so I decided to take them to the Flea Market to let them ride the pony.

My kids were very excited when they saw the ponies. They cant wait for their turn. The cost per ride is $4 forΒ  turns around the field, if you want to have a photo taken it cost $4 more, so total $8. I am not sure if its a bit pricey or what, what really matters to me are my kids happy faces riding the pony. It was a new experienced for them.

Anyhow, here they are riding this white pony.


Jian loving his ride, and wishing to have a pony.


CLayton so afraid to move a muscle πŸ˜€

Blog Photo Challenge #106