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This past three weeks was very tough for me. My eldest caught a virus and was sick for a week, then the little guy caught it too and was also sick for a week!  I was so exhausted and so tired of taking care both of them. I was not able to sleep very well, because I was watching them all night! And when they are recovering, I felt my throat is starting to feel sore. The next thing I know, I am having a hard time getting up from bed. Oh boy! The virus didn’t spare me. I was so sick for almost 2 weeks, I thought I’m gonna die from the unbearable pain in my head, because my sinus was infected as well. I was hoping that home remedies will make me feel better. But it didn’t cure me, so I decided to see the doctor to get some antibiotics to fight this nasty virus. It was my 3rd time to visit the clinic this month. First was my eldest, then my youngest, and then me. I hope hubby will not caught the virus cause he really needs to work. He cant afford to get sick. Its too expensive to see the doctor this days. Even just a regular check up, it can cause your 2 days paycheck. I hope our medical bills for the three of us is not so bad.

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