Again, sorry for the late post of BPC, I was not in my best mood to do anything online today. No matter how I tried, I am having a hard time to composed a sentence. In order to get back, I went outside for a few hours, take a deep breath of fresh air, and enjoyed the nice weather. It sure helped a lot! But what really got me back online are the Mothers Day cards that my 1st grader gave me on Mothers day last Sunday. I had been reading it everyday and it sure makes me so happy. Below is his big Mothers Day card that he handcrafted in school. Actually this is the 3rd card that he gave me on Mothers Day.  🙂Photobucket

My Mom is Gentle
Oh what a great mom
Terrific Mom
Home is where she works
Excellent pancake maker
Really Nice

My mom is special, because she comes from the philippines. I like it when my mom makes breakfast. She as pretty as a flower. My mom is smart. She even know hard math.(lol!) Do you know that my mom has a pretty smile? I like to make her smile by giving her presents. She’s best at cookinh. xoxoxoxo -Jian
Aint he the sweetest son ever? Even though he havent started going to school, he already knows how to appreciate me by giving me sweet messages like this on Mothers Day and Vday. He doesnt know my birthday, so he doesnt give my anything on my bday, only Vday and mothers day. Still its enough to burst my heart with happiness. I sure am so proud to have a child like him 🙂
Below are some of the cards that he gave me this year.