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Wow, Its the 140th of the Challenge! Amazing how time fly so fast isn’t it? I am already in the middle of the Month hosting this Challenge. I bet all of you who are playing are waiting for me to post the linky today. Well, I apologize for the delay, I was very busy this morning doing offline tasked and getting ready for the party that I attended earlier. But that’s not my share for today’s Challenge. My photo is all about when we went shopping last Wednesday with Hubby! Yep with exclamation mark! hehe..

Its been a long time since hubby go with us shopping for groceries. Last Wednesday he went with us because we need tons of stuff for my folks who are arriving this Friday from PI. We bought an air bed, bed sheets, pillows, comforters, and other necessities that my Mom and Dad need and will used in their stay here. We want them to feel comfortable as much as they can during their stay here in US, so we plan to let them have our bed, while hubby and I sleep on the airbed upstairs. We also bought a lot of goodies to last for a month so we dont have to go shopping always, and in order to save gas, right?!

Anyhow, if you are here in US, you can guess where we went shopping last Wednesday. =)


Clayton on a cart while hubby shopping for comforters