Its such a boring Sunday, I was feeling so lazy to do anything much. I missed 2 of my blogs that has been down for almost a week now. It made me feel depressed because I’ve lost a lot of opportunities, a couple of payments were on hold, and a company emailed me that they will suspend my account if the post will not be online within 48hours. It made me feel sad, cause theres nothing that I can do to fix this problem. Right now, all I have to do is wait. Oh well, instead of moping around all day, I decided to take my kids to the farmers market that is just a couple of blocks away from our place to get some yellow corn. But sad to say, they dont have yellow corn. The lady said they ran out yesterday. Too bad, I was craving for it. There goes my comfort food- good thing they have 1 bundle of green onions left for the food that Im going to prepare tonight.

So, as of today’s Challenge, the photo Im going to share is about my boys, helping me carry some of the stuff that I bought at the Farmers market.  Aint they so sweet? I used to tell my Kuya to help me with the goods, now, no words needed. He grab a bag right away and carry it inside the house. They had been so good for last few days, that I rewarded them with a toy from the Market. The little one just love his 25cents school bus that he is carrying in the photo below.Photobucket

Thats our Sunday folks! How about you? I hope its not boring as mine. =D