Whether you run a small business from home or an international conglomerate, you need energy to keep your work environments comfortable and your technology up and running. With recent price spikes in the cost of energy however, it can be difficult to ensure that bills stay low, especially if your business must naturally consume a lot of energy to keep it afloat.

British gas offers a number of solutions designed to keep business owners in control of their energy consumption, their bills and ultimately, their business costs. For those who want to keep tabs on how much they consume and how much they spend, British Gas has tariffs which allow business owners to track their energy consumption in real time using a simple username and password system online.  Also, British Gas can install smart meters which allow business owners to discover the energy consumption of each appliance, allowing them to use their equipment more efficiently according to how much energy they wish to use.

If the equipment consumes too much energy and simply cannot be turned off, British Gas energy surveyors can assess the buildings, and offer advice about where energy could be saved, meaning that company bosses can run their business without having the added concern of energy solutions.