I am a mother and I know how heartbreaking it is to see your child having some abnormality. I can even feel the pain whenever my kids are sick, how much more seeing them everyday with physical abnormality and knowing that I can’t do anything. This is a common scenario. But you and I can help ease the life of a child with cleft palate problems. Let’s help them be able to smile for a lifetime.

Let’s join CampusBookRentals in their cause of making a difference. They support the children of Operation Smile. They committed themselves to raise enough money to cover a minimum of 1,000 life changing surgeries. How can you help? Simple. Just rent a book from them or tell your friends to rent a book from their website. For every book rented, a portion of those proceeds will be donated to Operation Smile.

Textbook rentals at CampusBookRentals is very easy and no hassle at all. They have flexible rental periods. Whatever book you are looking for like calculus book or something else, I am sure they got it covered because they have the largest selection of books in the nation. Live customer support is easy to reach if you have questions and you can enjoy their Free shipping on both ways.

So why buy a book for a regular price when you can rent it for less? On top of that by renting a book you will help make a difference.

Watch the video below for CampusBookRentals.com FAQ’s