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Hubby came home yesterday afternoon from his 3 days business trip. He was complaining that his back was aching so much due to long drive and working 16hours straight non stop. He always get a back pain here and there for over work, but yesterday was worst. He sure needs to see the doctor for it, cause his back pain has been getting worst lately. Im not sure if its healing as what he is saying, or just getting worst. You’ll never know he might have broke something inside, or a broken tendon that is causing the pain. But you know how hard headed he is, he promised me all the time that he will see the doctor, but he never did. Because of this its, degrading our quality of life. We seldom do things anymore. I think he needs a day off too, which he haven’t done for years now. I sure dont know what to do to him. I searched online on how to improve our lifestyle. I found this website Pfizer that talks about life, on how to deal with your aches, pains and problems. They also share information about what you are dealing with and how to enjoy life in spite the illness. I should show this website to hubby and maybe this will help improve our lifestyle, learn to relax a bit, and enjoy life with the family.