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Some of you probably already know that my Folks are here for a 3 week vacation. Last Friday, they arrived 10:40 pm at Ronald Reagan National Airport in DC. It was a very long flight total more than 30hrs I think. Dad said that it was a very tiring at the same time fun flight for him, because its his first time to travel outside Phil so it was a totally new experience for him. I am so glad that they landed safely, and didn’t get lost in between stops. As for my mom, its her 3rd vacation so sitting in the plane for the longest time is not new to her. But the Stop in MichiganΒ  as their port of entry was something new, since her first 2 trips was a direct flight to DC, so I was a bit worried knowing the airports here in US is like a puzzle, very confusing. Seeing them getting their luggage was a big relief. Yay! They made it! =)

Here they are so happy and tired.Photobucket

Photo above is my entry for #154 Blog Photo Challenge Hosted by Hearts Content of a Mama