Looks like its gonna be a beautiful weekend today. The sun is up and the temperature is just right for an outdoor activity. My kids are still in bed, but later on as soon as they get up and finish breakfast, I will take them outside to walk around the neighborhood and get some fresh air. It would be nice to have a barbeque party later on in the patio, but sad to say we dont have a patio here in the new house. Wish to have one right now and some outdoor furniture, where I can sit and relax while my kids would be playing in the yard. If you have outdoor funitures, you need to haveĀ  outdoor furniture covers to protect it so that it will last long. You know the weather is so unpredictable this days, we’ll never know it might rain later on. Well, I hope not, because we have so much things to do, and I promise my kids that I will take them outside.