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Whew! Just imagine of having no TV and no Internet for 2 weeks! It was like the worst 2 weeks of my life! Ugh! hehehe.. That’s how much internet means to me, never mind the TV though, I can live without the TV and can stand the kids squealing in the background as long as I have my internet, period! lol! To beat the boredom, I took my kids to the Library that is just 3mins away from this new place. They borrow tons of books to read, even the little one who doesnt know how to read yet, grabbed some. As soon as we came home, they took their books in the living room and began to read. Seeing them like this, was like Peace at last! hahaha.

By the way, I found a solution to my dilemma, and that is a personal hotspot from AT&T through my iPhone 4s. Dont you just love the technology now a days? In just one small phone, you can have the world on your hands. 😉

This is my entry for #195 Blog Photo Challenge.