Kitchen knives should be as sharp as possible, indeed it is often said that a sharp knife is a safe knife because when you are using a dull knife you exert too much force and risk slippage and accidents. Storing sharp knives can be a challenge as many people tend to toss their knives into a cutlery drawer; not only is this dangerous when you reach in to pull out a knife, it does not help to keep blades sharp. Often the blades can gouge one another resulting in grazes and cuts which can harbor germs and breed bacteria. There are many block knife storage systems and sets which can overcome this issue, even if you own an electric array of cutlery.

The most common knife storage method is a knife block which is typically made of wood or plastic. These can be placed on a kitchen countertop to keep knives handy and within reach. The drawbacks to this method are that there or may not be enough counter space or the knives you own may not fit in the knife block as there are a fixed number of slots in specific sizes.

PhotobucketAnother popular alternative is a magnetic knife strip; typically these are designed to be mounted o a wall so you must have available wall space. The drawback to this storage method is that the knife blade remains exposed; should you have small children it may not be the best solution. The best feature is convenience – even when your hands are wet or greasy and you are in the midst of preparing food you can grab a knife effortlessly.

Another option is to invest in a knife roll or in individual knife blade protectors. This way you can store knives safely in a cutlery drawer.