I was cleaning up the files of my cellphone by deleting some of the photos that are multiple copies, photos that are blurry, and videos that are out of focus. Upon browsing, I cant help myself to smile at every photos. Specially the photo below.  🙂Photobucket

Isnt he a cutie fella? =) I warn you, he is pretty handful, dont get deceived by that sweet smile, cause he is a horrible three. lol. I sure love this boo, even though he gives me headaches a lot of times, by fighting with his big brother, and claiming everything in sight! lol. But who coudn’t resist that sweet smile? =)

Photo above was taken last April before he turned 3. This is what he does early in the morning as soon as he wakes up. He picked up all his letters in a zip bag and play with it in front of the fridge. He knows all of them even in up side down! Now that we moved, his interest shifted to something else. Since we dont have cable TV and internet at this moment, he learned how to play Wii with his big brother. Of course, I limit their video games playing, by having some activity outside with my boys in the afternoon, and some learning time in the morning. Sounds fun aye? hehe

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