I sure miss this old place. I was browsing my old photos in my external hard drive, and I have tons of them from this house. From every corners of the walls, from every room of the house, from every side of the property, and from every plants that grows, I had them all in my computer. We sure had so much memories ofΒ  5 years of stay here, happy or sad,Β all of it was unforgettable, specially all the first. πŸ™‚

It surely was the perfect place to raise the kids, with that huge space, it was like a big playground to them. Sad to say that things didnt workout from what we expected. We encountered so much troubles through the years of staying here, because of that, we decided to leave, and say goodbye to all the beauty that grows here. I so wish that I can bring them all with me, but we have to move on and start a new chapter of our life. I hope that things will work out just fine to our new adventure, and will have no troubles in the future.Photobucket This photo is my entry for #196 Blog Photo Challenge