Photobucket This is what our sky looks like yesterday afternoon. This shot was taken from our window in the living room. It look so scarry isnt it? It seems like its going to form a Tornado from the looks of it. My kids and I cant help to stare at it, waiting for something to happen. The wind was blowing really hard like crazy, I thought something would snap later on. Thank God nothing like that happened. It just poured rain so heavily for a few minutes, with big thunder, and lightning. I went to the bedroom to resume what I was doing, and when I came back to the living room, I swear I saw something like a lightning bolt went through vertically from our window, then disappeared. It was so fast that you barely see it, but I saw it. I told my son who was sitting on the couch to pull the curtains together. I was like wow, it made me think if my eyes played tricks on me again, cause base on what Ive read, lightning wont pass the glass window, if it does, it will shatter the glass window. This event reminds me when I was a little girl, when it rains so hard, my dad will cover all our mirrors and windows. I asked him why, he said, ‘ so that lightning will not bounce in the house. I believed him when he said that, I was young then, but later on I found out it was only a Myth. πŸ™‚

Anyhow, it really scares me, so I unplugged everything, and kept my kids away from any electronic stuff and from any metal object. I was glad that the storm passed right away. Hubby who was on the road that time called me that there were tornado sightings in where he’s at and in New York. I haven’t experience any tornados yet (knock on woods), but thinking of it is sure is scary. I was glad that hubby was okay and got home safe and sound.

Skywatch Friday