PhotobucketThis is my friend, neighbor, and co-blogger Claire aka Tata as I used to call her when we were in our teens. She is from Texas. She visited us last month and stayed in our house for a couple of days to attend a wedding of her friend who lives in Philly. Philly is just 2 hours away from our place, so I offered my humble home and my assistance to drive her to Philly. It was nice to see her again, makes me feel close to home. We are really not that close when we were young, she usually hangout with my sister, while I just usually stay indoor and seldom go outside, kinda afraid that the sun might burn me. lol. Anyhow, blogging got us connected once again, after so many years of being far away from home, I was surprised to find her here in blogosphere, and remembered me as well. Her 3 days of stay here was full of in catching up with the latest issues and chikas around the globe. We never got the chance to tour around the City, very much because we don’t have much time. She almost didnt make it to her flight back to Texas, good thing she made it just in time. Lesson learned “arrived 2 hours early before flight schedule.” hehehe.ย  I sure hope to see her again, and maybe next time she will bring along her family. And maybe next time, we will have more time. ๐Ÿ™‚

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