Yesterday was all indoor for us. I was feeling so lazy to take the kids out and have some outdoor activity. I guess its because of all the neighbors were home for the weekend and they were outside tending their yard, walking their dogs, having some cook outs, and playing with their kids. I dont feel like talking or saying Hi to any of them. I don’t feel comfortable when people look at me, scrutinize me, and get stock in talking contest. lol!

What we did yesterday was… we had a movie marathon. 🙂 I had some collections of Disney movies that my kids loves so much. I think they watch it gazillion times already, during our travels, and when the time when we dont have TV connection for 2 weeks. Check out my little one below in a ‘Sulley’ costume. When the Monster Inc was on, he ran right away to the bedroom, and took the costume of Sulley. It used to be my eldest costume, 2 Halloweens ago, and now it fits on the little one. He was wearing this costume while watching the movie Monster Inc. =) Isnt he a cutie? He sure is! haha..


Anyway, thats what we did yesterday. Not so much fun huh? While my kids watch the movies, I sat with them on the coach with my Lappy, blog hopping everyone who joined the Meme’s that I joined. 🙂 So, how was your weekend?